We Talk Real Talk

Intimate Gatherings That Create And Inspire Authentic Connection
Ready for Real Convos?

We speak through our screens. Having conversations in real life is rare. When we do, we often stick to small talk.

We ask surface level questions instead of being authentic. We avoid talking about what is on our mind.

Imagine instead of asking your barista “How are you” you asked, “What is the best part of your day?”

We’re trading in mindless interactions for conversations that matter.

THE PROBLEM: Small talk, “I’m great” talk is the default.

THE SOLUTION: We Talk Real Talk Events.

We talk online. We don’t always know how to talk in person.

We bring people together that want to talk in person.

You curate social media, your best side. It’s harder in real life to share your authentic, complicated life.

You put away your phone, we ask you real questions. We celebrate your authentic self.

Everyone’s life seems perfect online. I am struggling alone. So you keep challenges to yourself.

You share your challenges. Through our deeper convos, you see we all struggle.

Our mission is to inspire individuals to put down their phones and start connecting IRL.

To create a place people are comfortable sharing their true selves.

Find a local event that works for you.
Apply when you’re ready.

RSVP and purchase your ticket!
If you want, invite a friend to join.

Join an intimate group to have real conversations.
We facilitate questions like “What are you most passionate about?”

What Is A We Talk Real Talk Event?

A Real Talk event is a unlike most parties. It builds real connections. Our parties are at homes, backyards and local venues around Denver. (Click here for other cities!)

Each event is unique. Some are dinner parties, tea/coffee, or may include a walk.

One thing is the same always.. deeper conversation starters. You can beyond prompts or keep to the questions.

We limit reservations. We want you to have time to meet a variety of interesting people, like you.

This is a space for you to open up and share what feels comfortable

How It All Got Started!

The three of us, Alyse, Amanda, and Waverly, started this movement. We shared a common bond over our personal struggles and wanting more genuine human connections. When we started to share our struggles with each other, we learned that we were not alone and we quickly realized others had similar experiences. We started to overcome them and bonded over our pains and vulnerabilities. So why not build a network and connection through those thoughts and feelings?

So thus emerged We Talk Real Talk events. A place where conversations can flourish and true bonds formed.

You in?! Keep up with events and big plans we have in the works here.

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