How to make friends in the real world

Making friends is hard. Especially after high school or college. The environment is no longer set up to meet people. I know how challenging it has been for me the past 10 years living in new cities. I got lucky when I recently moved back to Denver. I am one of the few Denver natives. When I moved back in December, I starting meeting and reconnecting with great people. I wanted a quick way to introduce my new and old friends. I remembered an article about No Small Talk parties. I looked up the three “rules” online and started hosting. What happened far exceeded my expectations. People connected, opened up and some have been friends since.

This got me thinking. How can we create deeper, authentic connections? I’m sick of sitting to dinner with friends where no one talks and everyone is on their cell or needs to drink to open up. Can we create a space to unplugging and connect with other?

Recent studies show the loneliness epidemic is bad. Half of Americans view themselves as ‘always lonely’. Can we learn about other people in person and not from Facebook stalking? We have lost true connection to others. I wanted to test this theory out and started No Small Talk Denver. Join me in this adventure! Find meaningful connection and sustainable happiness.